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Semiconductor manufacturing equipmentPulse power supply

We supply high-precision and stable instant high -voltage and high-current pulse power with high level of repetitive frequency.

Product Features

The pulse power supply is a device that produce instant high power at the microsecond or nanosecond level. Our pulse power supply unit is configured with a capacitor charger and a pulse generation circuit with a semiconductor switch and magnetic pulse compression circuit system (saturable reactor) and is capable of highly accurate and stable driving by high repetition.
In addition, the output pulse voltage can be output with high accuracy (the fluctuation has been reduced to 1/40 of our conventional fluctuation), and it can be output with extremely small fluctuation (jitter) on its time axis (it has been reduced to 1/55 of our conventional fluctuation). The device efficiency is improved by installing an energy regenerative circuit.

  • Supplying high-voltage of a few 10 kV or more with a sharp rise of a nanosecond (ns) level
  • Highly accurate output pulse shape
  • Long operational life (supplying stable pulse output for a long period of time)
  • Delivery achievement of 1,000 devices or more


Specification of the pulse power supply

Maximum frequency - 6kHz
Output voltage - 30kV
Average power 15kW
Pulse width (*) 100ns
External dimensions Pulse generation unit: W650 X H230 X D520 mm
Charger unit: W600 X H380 X D570 mm
Mass Pulse generation unit, Charger unit 90 kg each
  • *The pulse width is a representative value when C2 = Cp and Cp is arranged closely.

Specification of the pulse power supply for testing

Maximum frequency - 1kHz
Output voltage Approx. 30 kV
Average power Approx. 10 W
Pulse width
(rising time of the output voltage)
About 60 ns
(* It changes depending on the load.)
External dimensions W420×H300×D250mm
Mass Approx. 11 kg

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New product

We have developed a pulse power supply for testing.

  • The weight was reduced to 1/9 of the conventional one by integrating the pulse generation unit and the charger unit.
  • The power can be supplied from an AC 100 V power supply through DC current.
  • It can supply power at a rapid rising time of tens of nanoseconds (ns).

Applications and Solutions

Currently, the pulse power supply has been used broadly as the drive power supply for plasma applied system. The application examples using plasma include a process in which synchrotron radiation or charged particles such as electrons and ions from plasma react with an object, sterilization and water treatment using a shock wave generated by pulse arc discharge, laser oscillation, exhaust gas purification, ozone generation, and Extreme UltraViolet (EUV) light source by high density plasma discharge.

Our pulse power supply has been actively used as various types of power supply of an excimer laser source, an EUV light source, a water-boom propagation preventive system, etc., and each of them is characterized by output pulse width of 100 ns or less, repetition frequency of 20 kHz, output voltage of 120 kV, etc.
We propose the best power supply to meet the customers' requests.

Excimer laser

It is a large output and high efficiency laser that oscillates at the ultraviolet wavelength (KrF: 248 nm, ArF: 193 nm, etc.) and is used in semiconductor lithography system. It is necessary to instantly excite the laser gas when the excimer laser is used, and a power supply that is capable of producing an extremely short pulse is required.

Characteristics of the pulse power supply used
  • Repetition frequency: 6 kHz or less
  • Output voltage: -30 kV or less
  • Output average power: 15 kW class
  • Output pulse width: 100 ns or less

Pulse power supply for the EUV light source

We do the R & D on EUV (Extreme UltraViolet) of wavelength 13.5 nm for the next generation leading lithography light source. Our pulse power supply has been used in research on the DPP (Discharge Produced Plasma) method in which EUV is generated by discharging. A higher output has been required in EUV light sources and also in pulse power supply.
We have developed a pulse power source that can perform the repetitive operation at a maximum of 20 kHz. It works alternatively by two pulse power supply units of 10 kHz each in parallel. We supplied to the Extreme UltraViolet Lithography System Development Association (EUVA) which is a main contractor for a NEDO contract research project : "Basic Technology Development Project for Extreme UltraViolet (EUV) Lithography System".

Characteristics of the pulse power supply used
  • Repetition frequency: 20 kHz or less
  • Output voltage: a few kV or less
  • Output average power: 200 kW
  • Output pulse width: 5 µs

Pulse power supply for a water-bloom propagation preventive system

A discharge can be generated not only in gas but also in water when the pulse power is used. An application example of the underwater pulse discharge is a water-bloom propagation preventive system. Because large outbreaks of water-bloom in lakes, marshes, ponds, etc. during summer cause water pollution, they are treated by destroying air bubbles inside the water-bloom cells with shock waves generated by underwater pulse discharge. In order to generate discharge in water, rapid voltage rising is necessary, and high discharge energy is necessary to increase the treatment amount.
We have developed a pulse power supply unit that is capable of producing stable high-voltage and heavy-current pulse power in water and it was shipped to EBARA Corporation.

Characteristics of the pulse power supply used
  • Repetition frequency: 40 Hz or less
  • Output voltage: 120 kV or less
  • Output energy: 40 J/pulse
  • Output pulse width: 2 µs

System configuration

Example of a main circuit block diagram of the pulse power system

Example of the pulse power system configuration

Configuration example of the pulse power system including a control system. It is configured with 4 units of a controller, a charger unit, a pulse generation unit, and a load. From the power source of three-phase AC 400V, the charger unit outputs a pulse of 2.5 kV and the pulse generation unit outputs a pulse of -30 kV. A stable pulse power output and pulse discharge can be obtained by control using a voltage detector for the pulse power supply and an observation system (sensors, etc.) for the load discharge tube.

Main circuit configuration example

Charger unit

The first stage capacitor is charged by converting the commercial power to DC.

Pulse generation unit

The charged energy is converted to pulse by the IGBT, and the high-voltage short pulse that is pulse-compressed by boosting and the magnetic pulse compression circuit is output to the load.