TYPE-i operation and measurement system
High-speed controller MDC II

Operation and measurement systemsTYPE-i Operation and Measurement System

Operation and Measurement System that serves for global major standards

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Product Features

Tablet PC operation screen

Although the compact design, this provides the same level performance and function of our conventional system. For the better operational experience, we provide the screen interface of more intuitive design for operation.

  • Better operability though touch screen operation
  • Compact unit design by adopting multi-core processor
  • Reduction of cabling through wireless network technology

Operation and measurement system that serves for global major automotive operation and measuring standards.

Example of operation and setting screens

This product is developed for for global major automotive operation and measuring standards. It supports multiple languages and includes functions meeting  such standards requirements. In addition, all measurement and control operations are digitized.
Digital encoder with excellent operability is adopted for switch panel. Interface realizes intuitive visibility, readability and usability by using the icons of applications.

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