Configuration example of the Meiden Digital Operating Desk
Meiden Digital Operating Desk

Operation and measurement systemsMeiden Digital Operating Desk
(Measurement Control PC System)

This measurement control system realized high precision measuring environment together with various data measurement and performance evaluation testing automation.

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Product Features

Screen image of digital display
Screen image of automatic operation monitor

It is a PC-based measurement control system. It can be broadly applied to durability tests of engines, power train testing system, etc.

  • The PC running Windows 7 or higher can perform the the measurement function and the control function in one packege.
  • By adopting remote I/O, it realized the digital data transmission of measured data.
  • By applying Windows 7 as its OS, it has better graphic user interface by Windows.
  • We realized the various controls using the application softwares; MATLAB (programming) and Simulink (simulation).
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Meiden Digital Operating Desk

Display function 主要機能
Display function Real time monitoring function (analog meter, digital meter, bar graph, trend, and running resistance monitoring)
Self-driving function
  • Number of operation steps: 5,000 steps / pattern
  • Operation pattern programming: maximum number of pattern repetitions 9,999 times. Set graphic display of the operation pattern, step transition conditions.
  • Setting of the operation parameters: gear-shifting timing, clutch operation timing, shift operation timing
Setting control function
  • Dynamometer control: speed of rotation, torque
  • Throttle control: opening, speed of rotation, torque
Measurement start condition Start button
Measurement end condition Stop button
Measurement items Measurement, arithmetic calculation, special meter items
Measurement period 0.1-1(S)
Maximum number of measuring times 50,000 times / number of measurement items
Number of data files 99 times / test
Other Time (S), interlocking with the completion of fuel consumption measurement, number of measurement items: maximum 93 items
Monitoring the upper and lower limits Monitoring items: measurement / computing, Monitor directions: uppermost limit, upper limit, lower limit, lowermost limit, Setting of the monitor timer, Monitor ON/OFF
Correlation monitoring Monitor pattern (combination within 10 patterns), Monitor directions: upper limit, lower limit, Setting of the monitor timer, Monitor ON/OFF
Measurement at failure event Measurement period: 0.1 s, Number of measuring times after a failure occurrence. 2,000 times, Measuring items: all measurement data
Standard spread sheet By general-purpose spreadsheet software: Excel
Option 1 msec high speed measurement, External  interface: RS-232C, LAN, Horsepower performance chart
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