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Vacuum capacitorsMotorized Vacuum Capacitors

It supports a high precision capacitance control. It is ideal for the customers who use a vacuum variable capacitor for the first time or would like to shorten the development period.

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Product Features

Schematic diagram of the configuration
Example of the cascade connection

We made a module design to integrate all the control systems necessary for the capacitance control of the vacuum variable capacitor.
We realized complicated impedance matching control by using just simple serial commands.
It is ideal for such semiconductor manufacturing system applications such as a high frequency plasma matching circuit or RF power supply circuits.
- The capacitance of the vacuum variable capacitor can be easily set by serial communication (RS485). You can reduce development and design time of the motor part as we provide the vacuum variable capacitor with a motor.
- The motion of the stepping motor is regularly monitored by adopting an optical encoder. The unexpected step-out of the motor is detected, and it can be automatically recovered. The motor and the vacuum variable capacitor are connected to each other using a highly insulated (withstand voltage 10 kVp) special coupling.
- A cascade connection is possible with RS485. A plurality of the vacuum variable capacitors with a motor can be controlled with a serial line from a host controller.

  • Simple introduction
  • Highly reliable operation
  • A cascade connection is possible.
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