VP150 type

Vacuum capacitorsVP series, up to 300 Arms (13.56 MHz)

Large power supply-compliant, high current, low torque, water cooled bearing, and long operational life

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Product Features

The VP150 series adopted the cooling structures taking advantage of the feature of our own unique design bidirectional bellows structure. In so doing, we realized air cooling 230 Arms and water cooling 300 Arms. This model can be used for the RF applications of the power capacity 50 kW class.
- We realized the long operational life by diamond like carbon (DLC) coating.
Please refer to the catalog for any caution in handling and operating and explanations of characteristics.

  • We realized high power by new water cooling structure and large diameter copper alloy double bellows structure
  • We realized the low torque.
  • Using stronger screw for variable capacitance.


Please refer to the PDF (data sheet) attached to each model for the product details.

VP150 type

Type Capacitance
Maximum allowable current *1
External dimensions
Min. Max. RF
Peak test 13.56
SCV-405P150 40 500 24 40 300 228 206 L265 × φ150 6.6
SCV-1525P150W 40 2500 9 15 300 228 206 7.0
SCV-560P150W 60 6000 3 5 300 228 206 7.7
  1. *1The maximum allowable current value is a value at 700 W water cooling.
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