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TransformerSF6 Gas-Insulated Transformer

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Product Features

SF6 gas known for its non-flammabilit and coordinative ability with environmental conditions. Lt was widely used in underground substations and inddor substations at underground shopping areas, traffic systems, and public structures. SF6 Gas-Insulated transfomers are designed to reduce fire hazards and less risk on the environment.
By directly coupling with gas-insulated Switchgear, substation space can be minimized as the result of compact facilities

a non -flammable, non-polluting and Tank-explosion Prevention Transformer. The SF6 gas-insulated Transformers are suitable for the following applications:

  • where safety against fire is essential Buildings such as hotels, department stores, schools, and hospitals Underground shopping areas, underground substations Sites close to residential areas, factories, chemical plants
  • where prevention of environment pollution is specially demanded Water supply source zones, residential quatrters, seaside areas Water treatment stations 
  • where exposure exists to high-level moisture or dust accumulationside tunnels, industrial zones 
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