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Variable Vacuum CapacitorsVP series, up to 170 Arms (13.56 MHz)

Medium and high power-compliant, low torque and long life

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Product Features

Under the VP series, we realized low torque and low loss by adopting our unique design of the bidirectional bellows structure. By making the torque of all types 18 Ncm or less, we could realize a compact and common design of drive unit. Further, in the VP 110 type, we realized 170 Arms (maximum 250 Arms when cooling with water) by reducing loss. The VP110 type is used for a broad range of the RF applications of the power output 5 kW to 20 kW class with the product line of 6 types. It is a longer operational life type model in which we adopt a stronger screw - operational life of about 3 times of that of our VM type.
- We realized low loss by adopting a high alumina ceramic (excluding VP65)
- We realized a Long operational life by diamond like carbon (DLC) coating
Please refer to the catalog for cautions on handling and operation and for characteristics in details.

  • High power-compliant and low torque and speicial copper alloy double bellows structure
  • Adoption of a high alumina ceramic
  • Using stronger screw for variable capacitance.


Please refer to the PDF (data sheet) attached to each model for the product details.

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Variable vacuum capacitors

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Ball screw
A ball screw was adopted for the screw for variable capacitance.
We realized long operational life by meeting the over-loaded conditions such as high speed and high acceleration and deceleration inversion matching, continuous action in the same range, and slight hunting.
Water cooling flange
The water cooling flange improves the cooling performance of the vacuum capacitor. A water cooling flange is available that can be installed in the movable side and the fixed side of the vacuum variable capacitor. Please refer to the catalog for details.
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